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3DS Friends

2011-12-05 01:39:00 by XMSMidget34

Does any body else have a 3DS? my friend Code is 0416-7461-2653... whats urs? im so alone on the online world


2010-10-25 02:58:18 by XMSMidget34

havent updated in a while so yeah...
UPDATES: None -__-

sud IS finished

2010-03-29 01:09:59 by XMSMidget34

yes... SUD is finished all that we are waiting on is the menu then we have to do some other random stuff and boom!! its on NG

sud IS finished

Sandbag Collab (full)

2009-04-17 05:47:35 by XMSMidget34

the title says it all...

Sandbag Collab (full)

Hey we still need some people for the up and coming Sandbags Ultime destruction collab
for details go to ic.php?t=4007 please let me know if u r interested becaus we still need a few spriters